To Sum it Up:
I love my hot husband (high school sweethearts, oh yeah!), my two rescue dogs, Harry and Max (the cutest mutts you've ever seen), coffeeeee (current fav is mocha w/ oat milk & whipped cream w/ cinnamon YUM), cozy pumpkin candles and campfires (my preferred perfume scent), being an auntie to my 11 cute nieces & nephews (I'm the cool aunt), trying yummy vegetarian food in new cities (tacos please), traveling all over the world and learning about new cultures (Iceland is my FAV!) and going on hikes (preferably barefoot) with my pups!

Hi, i'm caitlyn!

I've pretty much been a photographer my whole life (please don't stalk my facebook to see god awful ipod portraits), but I dove head first into photography full time when I was in college because I truly felt called to it. My family experienced the passing of one of my nephews in 2014 and I truly learned the value of a photograph after that. Photographs have the ability to transform you back into that exact moment- you can almost hear their laugh again and feel their warm hugs. The special thing about wedding photography is that these are the photos that are passed down generation to generation, gaining so much value over time. When I'm photographing I look for those special moments that you may overlook in the present, but want to remember forever. For me, the photographs that I took of my nephew holding a yellow flower one week before he passed away are truly the most valuable things my family and I have.

My Why



| The heat- gimme all the sweaters and chilly vibes
| Brown rice. I'm weirdly allergic LOL
| Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
| People who don't show love to our beautiful Earth! 
| Movie theaters- weirddd fear of mine. Don't judge me!


| Driving through the mountains with the windows down and music blasting
| Finding the perfect item at a thrift store
| Daily dance parties to Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac with my dogs
| Binge watching X-Files, Harry Potter, and The Office
| Watching and embracing the sunset (Arizona has the BEST)


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