The Experience

The Experience

Booking a wedding photographer is super scary and overwhelming- I know because I was in your shoes two years ago. Let me just say that it's okay if you're nervous and a little awkward.. so am I.  I'm just a normal gal who is super passionate about love and connection. When you choose me as your photographer you can expect way more than a faceless vendor who doesn't give a s*** about you. 

This is the easy part.

What you can expect.

Getting to know each and every one of my couples before their wedding is a huge priority of mine. I really love connecting with other humans- getting to know your fears, your dreams, your quirky traits, and everything in between. You become so much more than just clients, you're my friends! This connection makes a world of a difference while photographing your wedding!


It's my job on you're wedding day to keep it as stress-free and FUN as possible. I'm organized and punctual but not in a way that will overwhelm you. My goal is to be a peaceful presence that is there to help you in any way (boutonniere pinning, dress fluffing, pep talks!!). I go above and beyond for you so you don't even have to stress one bit.


I will capture your wedding exactly how you will want to remember it forever. I know how hard you have worked to have your dream wedding day. You have spent your hard earned money on creating an experience that you and your guests never want to forget. You’ve spent so much time coordinating all of the perfect vendors and curating your wedding vision. That’s exactly what I want to capture! I believe in listening to your wants and needs, and delivering them.